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What Are the Applications of a Wood Router?

What is a Wood Router?

If you need a tool to create perfect wood patterns, look no further than a wood router. This is something nearly every joiner will have in his van when they’re working. The purpose of this tool is to route or hollow out a piece of wood. Generally, this is needed to create specific designs for a customer’s project. The tool is highly effective for staircase and garden gate design.

The wood router originally began as a handheld device and has evolved into a bigger, more powerful plug-in tool. There are various types of routers available such as:

● Plunge wood routers

● D-handled wood routers

● Double knob handle wood routers

Nearly all wood routers now have speed settings for convenience. They enable the user to speed up the job in progress. Some will have a slow start mechanism so that the carpenter or joiner can gain momentum and then speed up once they are confident with the design. Wood routers can also be fixed to the workbench for increased precision. 

This tool is excellent for following templates once it is fixed to the base. Combining this with the soft start mechanism prevents the tool from jerking about and causing damage to the wood or injuring the operator.

What Jobs Can it Handle?

The main reason for using the wood router is it can give you smooth, perfect edges, every time. A traditional saw may allow manual precision, but it won’t compare to the sharpness of the wood router.

Moulding is very popular now. The wood router can replicate things like beaded patterns for doors or a simple rounded moulding. These would be very tricky to create perfectly without the use of the wood router.

Dadoes are slots in projects like bookcases, they are invisible supports to keep structures strong when in use. They’re the most secure method to fix shelves together. The wood router is an excellent choice for creating these supports. 

Do You Need One for These Particular Jobs?

Whilst most of these jobs were handled manually before the invention of the wood router, it is extremely difficult to complete. Due to the fast-paced nature of today’s woodwork industry, a job needs to be completed promptly. 

Without the use of this tool and if you are tight on time, you can expect to make plenty of mistakes. Wood is also at its highest price in a long time so making mistakes will cost you and your business money. It’s best to do the job right the first time, every time and a wood router can help you do this.

How Can Hire It Direct Help?

Power tools can be expensive and if you aren’t completing woodwork projects regularly, you may not want to spend lots of money. That’s understandable. Or maybe you are a carpenter, and your wood router has become faulty, but you are a bit strapped for cash at the moment. Consider Hire It Direct for router hire. 

Based in Harrow, Hire It Direct has pretty much every tool you can think of for completing either your domestic or commercial job. If you need the tool for several weeks this is also no problem. We can even contact you in advance and get the tools delivered to you and collected when finished. 

If you need a wood router, give our team at Hire It Direct a call on 020 8427 6604, to make sure your projects are flawless. Find the answer to any of your questions by filling in an enquiry form on our contact page.