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The Ups and Downs of Ladders | When and Where Do You Need Them?

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News The Ups and Downs of Ladders | When and Where Do You Need Them?

Ladders are an essential part of the tool kit for most practical workers, whether it’s a home project or working for a business. Some jobs just can’t be done safely or in a time-sensitive manner without one. So, who uses them, and why are they a necessity?

Some of the professions that find a ladder essential are:

  • Warehouse Workers
  • Brick Masons
  • Painters & Decorators
  • Construction Labourers
  • Landscapers & Groundsmen

Some people actively avoid using ladders, assuming they’re dangerous. However, ladders that are used correctly can make tasks safer, not only more convenient and efficient to complete. When performing a physical job, health and safety must come first, and stretching, hoping you can reach something is NOT safe, especially when carrying objects.

Ladders in Interior Design

The demand is constant for ladders in the labouring world and it’s no different for interior design. If you’ve ever tried to paint those walls you just can’t reach without a ladder, you’ll notice the next day because of that stiff neck. You’re also likely to miss spots and the final result won’t look great.

Without a ladder, a painter wouldn’t be able to reach high places whilst still giving the project their all. Not only would it endanger the worker by having to balance unsafely, but the overall finish also wouldn’t be satisfactory.

Ladders in Masonry

A brick mason is a perfect example of a profession where a ladder is an absolute must. Whilst scaffolding allows great access to all parts of the structure, a ladder will allow the worker to specifically target the area they need to access to work on the job.

for high rise masonry work ladders are essential

Ladders for Window Cleaning

Window cleaners wouldn’t get very far without a ladder. You could argue that their entire job role depends on them having this in as part of their toolkit. 

Ladders for DIY

Let’s not forget the home DIY projects. Even if you’re not using a ladder for work, there are many jobs at home that just can’t be done without a ladder. When you’re fixing something fiddly that’s hard to reach, you need a stable base that allows you to work safely and easily – a high-quality ladder is an ideal solution to this challenge. If you can’t access somewhere in the home, always consider reaching for the ladder.

Don’t try to stretch from a stool or chair. If you live alone and are unbalanced when working this can be extremely dangerous. A ladder will allow you to carry out your work without worrying about stretching or failing to reach those essential areas.

You should always be safe when working at home or on-site. As long as you’re following the health and safety guidelines, a ladder can help you reach high-up areas while reducing the risk of falling. Falls can cause serious injuries, so you should always consider using a ladder when the job demands it.

Ladder Hire

With ladders being in such high demand, and as they take up storage space in your home or shed, it’s typically easier to hire one, rather than make a purchase for single one-time use.

Hire it Direct have a large variety of ladders for hire that are available to be delivered at a day’s notice to your site, store, or home. To enquire further about our ladder rental services and next-day deliveries contact us or call us directly at 02084 276604.