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Trestle Hire: What is a Trestle?

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Trestles are wooden or metal structures used by builders, painters, interior designers, or other members of a construction workforce. They’re typically made of two or three triangular scaffold structures that balance pieces of a wooden platform to stabilise workers as they’re trying to complete tasks that are above ground level. They’re often used for painting, plastering, window maintenance, and small-scale building projects.

The Benefits of Using a Trestle

If you’re working on a maintenance project, it’s essential to have a trestle on hand to get to those hard-to-reach places safely.

·        Flexibility

Trestles are incredibly flexible. They can be adjusted to reach almost any height. You’ll be able to reach any construction or maintenance job without having to stretch from a ladder. If you have multiple jobs on the same day, the same equipment can be used and adjusted to work for the height you need.

·        Storage

A trestle is built from wood or metal sections that build up to the height that you require and are easy to take apart again once you’ve finished. This makes a trestle very easy to store and, in some cases, will remove the need for clunky and inflexible scaffolding.

·        Relocation

Because of the flexibility of a trestle, it can easily and quickly be relocated. If you’re carrying out various tasks in different locations. The sections aren’t too large, so they’re easily transportable in the back of a van too. There’s no need for an industrial-sized lorry to carry huge scaffolding poles.

·        Safety

A trestle is a safe option if you need to conduct a maintenance task across a large workspace. Some workers may be tempted to climb a ladder and reach across as far as they can to avoid constantly moving ladders around. This has the potential to cause a nasty accident if that worker falls. However, with a trestle, the worker can move along the platform to easily reach the necessary locations.

Why Hire a Trestle for your Construction Work?

Trestle hire is a great idea compared to purchasing your structures. If it’s a single project that you’re committing to, hiring a trestle from a company like Hire It will cut down on the costs of storage and will give you more flexibility. Our team can drop the trestle off at your site on the day you need it and remove it as soon as you’re finished, so there’s no long-term commitment.

If you’re part of a construction company, you’ll likely need to use a trestle regularly. However, your different jobs will require a varied height and size of the trestle. It’d take a lot of storage space up if you were to buy them all outright to store together. However, hiring a trestle for your projects means that you can be more flexible with the height of the trestle that you need to complete the job successfully, without wasting a ton of storage space.

Hire It will deliver the ideal trestle for your job to your construction site with just a single day’s notice, so you don’t need to plan massively in advance either. The price of hiring for the few days that you’ll need it is minimal in comparison to purchasing a trestle. There’s also no long-term commitment to replace and restore the trestle to maintain health and safety regulations either.


If you have a construction job that’s just out of reach, consider hiring a trestle to boost you to the right height in complete safety. Hire It will be there at a day’s notice and are happy to work to your timescales to remove the trestle once you’re finished – no hassle. For our quotes on the trestle, hire contact us or call us directly at 02084 276604.