Why Hire It?

  • No stockholding – Hire from us – use the equipment and return it when finished – unused and underutilised equipment is environmentally unacceptable and expensive to maintain and store.

  • No seasonality – Some equipment is only used at certain times of the year.Use the latest equipment when you need it.

  • No maintenance – Our equipment is properly maintained and tested with your health and safety in mind – no need to set-up workshops, train and employ fitters, carry spares and purchase statutory test equipment.

  • No guesswork – Our experts will advise you on the right equipment for your task – you will get the right tools – not something that will make do.

  • Less downtime – All equipment will breakdown occasionally.However,we pride ourselves in properly maintaining and testing all our plant between hires – with the intention to keep breakdowns to an absolute minimum. Should our equipment breakdown whilst in your possession your request for repair or a replacement will be given immediate priority.

  • Use the latest equipment – We constantly monitor new product releases from our suppliers with the intention to keep our fleet as modern as possible.

  • Tax advantages – Hire is 100% tax allowable.No complicated depreciation rules to follow.

  • No stock control – Our continuous invoicing system confirms accountability.

  • Hiring equipment from Hire It will allow you to get on with the work, with the minimum of distractions; your satisfaction will come from completing a professional job – using the correct tools – not owning them