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What Are the Applications of a Pressure Washer?

What is a pressure washer?

If you are looking to get those tough marks off your patio, then look no further than a pressure washer. 

The pressure washer is a device that is powered by an electric motor that pumps the water through the trigger gun attachment. It allows for precise, high-velocity water to be fired on whatever needs cleaning!

The pressure washer is constructed from the following components:

  • Electric Motor – the motor runs off the main electric supply using a plug attached to the pressure washer, simply plug it in and the motor will power the pump inside the device.
  • Water Inlet – This is where you will connect your hose to your water supply. Many people use an outdoor tap as it is more convenient due to the range of the device. You can use an extension cord, however, to increase the range of the pressure washer.
  • Cleaning Attachments – Depending on what you want to clean, you can use the high-pressure trigger gun to clean things accurately; this is excellent for car cleaning. You can also get a spinning brush that rotates, allowing you to get good coverage across flat surfaces like your patio.

Pressure Washer Applications

Cleaning The Car

No longer do you need to keep changing the water in the bucket or struggle by using the hose pipe. Pressure washers can easily remove light to moderate grime on the side of a car. Combine this with an effective cleaning solution and your vehicle will be sparkling in no time. 

You can even purchase car shampoo attachments for your pressure washer depending on the model of pressure washer you own. 


If you’ve got a garden fence that is looking a bit worse for wear, you can make it look new with a pressure washer. Be wary, however, if your fence is old, the high pressure could damage the panels. 


Due to decking being a high traffic area in the summer for barbecues or for pets that are constantly running across it. Using a pressure washer on your decking can make it shine. 

Drives And Patios

One of the main reasons people invest in a pressure washer is to get their driveway looking pristine. Pressure washers work amazingly on solid brick as the high pressure pulls the dirt from the crevices.

 In one afternoon, you can have your driveway or patio looking brand new.

Home Exterior and Window Cleaning

If you don’t have a window cleaner or you don’t fancy putting in some elbow grease, a pressure washer is very effective at cleaning glass. Be careful around the seals, however, if your windows are old, it could damage them. 

It’s a quick way of getting the exterior of your home clean and making it stand out on your street. 

Do You Need One for These Particular Jobs?

While you could clean the car manually with a sponge and a bucket of water, it’s going to take considerably longer than using a pressure washer. The same goes for cleaning a patio. It could take days to get the same results a pressure washer would achieve in one day’s work.

Not only is time valuable to us, depending on your health, manual labour may be too exhausting, and a pressure washer can take the stress away from cleaning. Consider pressure washer hire if you aren’t going to be using a pressure washer consistently.

How Can Hire It Direct Help?

Here at Hire It Direct, based in Harrow, we specialise and take pride in providing you with the correct power tools. Pressure washer hire is something our team specialises in, and we find that they are a popular choice and asset to any homeowner. 

We understand that making a big purchase on a pressure washer can be unnecessary, it’s quite a niche cleaning tool and isn’t always required long-term. 

That’s why we have a range of pressure washers available for hire and we deliver to your location for a duration that suits you. Hire a high-quality pressure washer today, contact us or call 02084276604 to check availability.