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Spring Home Maintenance Tips & Tools You Need


When you start to see the first signs of spring outside and feel the warmer weather coming through, you will probably feel the urge to freshen up your home with some much-needed home maintenance. 

Spring is the ideal time to make some changes around the house. But where to start? There are countless forms of home maintenance that you could do to give you that fresh-start-feeling and selecting the types of tools you need to complete a professional job should be top of your priority list.

Home maintenance jobs to give that new lease of life need to happen both inside and outside your home. It could be giving your rooms a new lick of paint to make them look a little brighter, or giving your outdoor gates, fences and decking a touch up ready for those family barbeques.

Home Maintenance Tips For Spring

Sprucing up your home in the spring is essential. It makes you feel better and also paves the way for entertaining. There are many ways you can add a touch of glamour without making the job overwhelming, as long as you have the right tools for the job.

Home Interior Maintenance Tips

 Painting Your Walls

Your rooms could look totally brand new, with just a lick of paint here and there. Grab some sturdy steps or small ladders and a new set of rollers and paint brushes to get into every corner. Extendable rollers are also available to get to those hard-to-reach spots.

Resealing The Bathroom

Over time, your bathroom can start to develop mould around the sealant in your bath and shower. It’s a good idea to remove the seal and give it a refresh. Just that small task will make your shower look brand new. Once your shower has dried out, a small pressure washer will help to clean off any grime or limescale that’s developed around the taps too.

Cleaning the car

It’s not just the inside of your home that you need to consider. Your car can also get pretty messy. Use a duster and some car cleaning polish to dust down your interior, fabric cleaner for any stains on the seats and a small car cleaning vacuum cleaner or stairs cleaner to grab any debris from the floor.

Garden Maintenance Tips

Varnishing Your Decking

Wooden decking and fences are prone to mould and rot if they’re left untreated. Over the winter, they’re exposed to a lot of damp weather which can warp the wood if you don’t keep it in great condition.

A coat of decking paint, treatment oil or fence varnish every 6 months can keep your outdoor deck looking newer for longer.

Clearing The Guttering

Clearing the guttering will bring a new shine to the exterior of your home and will mean that dirty water doesn’t run down your brickwork creating an unsightly stain.

You should use a sturdy pair of ladders to ensure you stay safe, a thick pair of gardening gloves and a hose to remove debris and wash out the gutter.

Mow The Grass

A powerful and high-quality lawn mower should be one of the main tools in your gardener’s arsenal. Depending on the size of your lawn, there are electric, petrol powered or ride-along lawn mowers available. Make sure you get those pristine lawn lines going. A petrol mower may be the way to go for larger areas as there’s no restriction on how far away from a power source you can be, unlike the electric.  

Remove Dead Plants

Making way for new growth means removing anything that’s died over the winter. Grab a rake, trowel and some hardy gloves and get stuck in.

Planting And Pruning

Removing dead plants and replacing them with new, colourful ones is bound to brighten up your garden. Grab a sharp pair of pruning shears or a hedge cutter for more stubborn plants and restore your garden to its former glory.

Cleaning Your Outdoor Furniture

A pressure washer is the perfect tool for quickly and efficiently cleaning off your dusty patio furniture. If you’ve stored this away for the winter, a thorough pressure clean will wash all those cobwebs away without you even having to break a sweat. 

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