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The Saw for the Job: We’ll Saw-t You Out

angle grinder saw

Whatever your cutting needs, we have the saw for you. Today we’ll be running through just a few of our main saw products for hire, and how they can help you in your DIY extravaganzas.

Angle Grinder

Handheld angle grinders, also known as side grinders or disc grinders, are used for removing excess material off a piece, with different discs that can be fitted depending on the use needed. These include cut-off discs, abrasive grinding discs (what is included with this grinder), sanding discs, grinding stones, polishing pads and wire wheel brushes. Often used in construction and for metal work, if you’re doing automobile work, heavy duty garage work or a hefty DIY job, you may need one of these, or you may need to hire an angle grinder if you are part of an emergency rescue team.

Cut-Off Saw

This type of saw, is known again by a few different names: cut-off saw, abrasive saw or a chop saw. This power tool is normally used for cutting tough materials such as concrete, tile and metal, and again can have a number of different discs fitted depending on your use. For instance, diamond plated discs are best for tile cutting and abrasive discs are used for metal. The saw works similarly to a grinding wheel in that the cutting is achieved by the used of an abrasive disc, and ours is powered by a petrol engine.

cut off saw


Diamond Wall Chaser

This hand-operated power tool has replaced usual chasing chisels and hammers, wall chasers can be used on floors, walls or on other materials. They run on electric motors and normally come with either one or two diamond blades, used for chiselling out chasing tracks/channels for water pipes, electrical work and wiring, and conduits.

Water-cooled Tile Saw

Also known as a wet saw, a water-cooled tile saw does just what it says on the tin. A jet of water constantly flows onto the blade during use which helps keep the blade cool and produce a quality cut. The saw comes in two types, a static saw and a bench version. With a Water-cooled Tile Bench Saw, it is used by placing the tile onto a moving table that slides along the length of the saw, cutting through the tile. With the static saw, the wheel is protruding from within a table upon which you can slide up the tile (or other material) by hand.

Both of these saws are particularly useful for more intricate cutting work, such as drain openings, outlets, or bevelled edges). You can also get a regular tile cutter, with a diamond blade.

water cooled tile saw

Floor Saw

This power tool is much more heavy duty and its spinning saw wheel is attached to a walk-behind mechanism for easy use. Usually powered by a form of gasoline, an electric motor or pneumatic pressure, floor saws are great for cutting through concrete and other hard surfaces such as brick, asphalt, masonry, tile and more.

All of our saws should be used with care, and you should wear safety goggles with each while using, but if hiring a floor saw you should be particularly careful, since it is so incredibly powerful.

We hope you found this guide to our saws useful, and if you have any queries on any of the products above, do get in touch by filling out our contact form.