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Must-Have Tools for Homeowners

essential tools hammer screwdriver

A homeowner should have a tool chest for home improvement emergencies and projects both for inexperienced and new homeowners. Here is a list of must-have tools for any homeowner whether you are an experienced, semi-skilled or the beginner homeowner to help you fix almost anything in your home.

Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers are ideal tools that you need at your disposal, and they help to tighten cabinet hardware, crack open of the lids on the metal paint cans and helps to install light switches. You can opt to buy the ten piece set that comes with all the conventional slotted and the Phillips head sizes and the short versions to work in any tight spots.


You need to have a 16-ounces, and smooth-faced claw hammer is quite versatile with a nice mix of heft for driving nails anywhere in the wall, knocking together of the ready to assemble furniture and building of any timber houses. Its curved claw is used for pulling out all the nails that are inevitably bent.

Drill Bits and Drill

These are multipurpose and battery-powered drill and the drivers for a various number of tasks. You get powerful drills such as this cordless hammer drill which comes with spare battery and charger.


The flashlight plays an essential role in the house and buying a rechargeable work light is very important since you don’t have to look for fresh batteries.

Duct Tape

Duct tape offers quick fixes for anything around the house; it’s a super sticky tape that adheres to help adjust anything in the house. It has a woven and thick backing that is easy to rip to higher length. You can use it for repairing the broken buckets and repair torn tarps.

Utility Knife

This tool is a must home in the house, its ideal for sharpening pencils, open boxes, shave wood and mark mortises. You can buy one with a rubber-covered handle and with built-in blades.

utility knife


The Handsaw is less intimidating and easy to use than the power saw and easy to set it up. The handsaw is ideal for trimming lumber and for molding stock since it helps to cuts push and pull strokes. However, a power or electric saw still has its benefits when it comes to time and efficiency. Once you’re used to it, a saw such as the jigsaw or circular saw will be your new best friend when it comes to the handling.

Set of Pliers

Pliers are used for straightening of the bent power-cord plugs and to replace the old showers heads. The pliers also help in slice wiring, and they are suitable for any grip.

A homeowner needs to have tools that are easy to use and versatile enough to handle various kind of repairs in the home. With this tools in your home, you are ready for anything – hope this gave you some valuable insight.