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Different Types of Ladders and Benefits


There are many different types of ladders now on the market, so sometimes it can seem a little bit overwhelming trying to decide which type of ladder you should buy. All of the ladders can be used for many different situations, but the reason that there are so many variations is that some are better suited for certain types of projects than others.
In this blog, we’ll go through the different types of ladders so that you can figure out the perfect ladder for your needs.7 ladders leaned up against a green wall

A-Frame ladder

This type of ladder is considered to be one of the most standard models. It’s called the A-Frame ladder simply because when it is in use it looks like the letter A shape. This type of ladder is what is commonly used in homes for changing a light bulb or even putting up Christmas decorations around the house. This model can be very sturdy and sometimes even has a fold down shelf on the one side where you can put your project supplies, or a can a of paint for easy access.

Telescopically adjustable ladder

The telescopically adjustable ladder is becoming a favourite for many reasons. This ladder adjusts to the height you need for your project but can be easily stored when you are not using it. This type of ladder is most commonly used for the situation where you are leaning the ladder up against a wall of some type. Common uses would be for painting, cleaning gutters, roof access, decorating, etc. The telescopic ladder is easy to transport and can be stored in small out of the way areas, and many even come with a storage bag.

Fixed ladders

Fixed ladders can be considered somewhat rare outside of industrial areas, but some will affix them to their home. As the name implies, it is one that is bolted to a structure. The bolting of the ladder to a structure is done when the need for the ladder is perpetual. Once again, this type is common in business settings as opposed to home use.

Aluminium ladders

These ladders are quite popular in the marketplace. There is the number of reasons for its popularity. These come in different shapes and sizes. They can be as small as a step stool for around the house. Then you have the step ladders which come in handy for most of the jobs in and around your house, and you have the extension ladders which can be raised to different heights. The cost of these varies and is based on its functionality. There are many ladders on the market which can handle some different tasks. As long as you can find the right ladder for your needs, you can get pretty much any job or tasks done effectively.


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