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How to Select the Perfect Sander for Your Flooring Project

Floor sanding

When it comes to flooring projects, having the essential tools is crucial if you want to achieve professional-looking results. Sander is a very important tool when it comes to any flooring project. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of sanders available, and the one that suits your flooring needs.

Hardwood floor sanding

Types of Sanders

Let’s get familiar with the different types of sanders available in the market before starting your flooring project. Each type of sander serves a specific purpose and comes with a unique set of advantages. 

  • Belt Sanders

Belt sanders and powerful tools are most commonly used to remove a large amount of materials or level uneven surfaces. Belt sanders as the name suggests, will have a fast-moving, continuously looping sanding belt that is effective for forceful sanding under certain hard flooring projects. 

  • Drum Sanders

Heavy-duty equipment like drum sanders is primarily used for sanding large surfaces such as hardwood floors, gymnasiums, and halls. These drum sanders can efficiently remove materials using a revolving drum covered with sandpaper. 

  • Orbital Sanders

Orbital sanders are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a sander that minimises the risk of leaving swirl marks on your flooring surface, while still providing an elegant finish. Orbital sanders contain a circular sanding pad that travels in a random orbital motion, which leaves no swirl marks. 

  • Edger Sanders

Edger sanders are usually preferred in flooring projects that are difficult to reach in certain areas, such as the corners and edges. Edger sanders come with a disc or a pad that spins a circular motion that enhances precision in the sanding process. This edger sander machine makes things easier while sanding confined areas precisely. 

Assessing Your Flooring Project Needs

Now that we are familiar with the different kinds of sanding machines, let us evaluate the type of sanding equipment your flooring project requires, based on the following factors.  

  • Size and Type of Flooring Project

The size of your flooring project will play a significant role in determining the type of sander that best suits your flooring needs. Drum sanders are recommended for large flooring projects such as sanding your whole house, gymnasium, and other vast areas. However, for smaller flooring projects, such as a specific room in your house, belt sanders would be an effective option. 

  • Characteristics of the Flooring Material

Various flooring materials require different sanding methods and machines. Following are the types of flooring materials and the recommended sanding machines for each flooring project. 

  • Hardwood Flooring: Orbital and drum sanders are usually recommended for hardwood flooring to cover hard surfaces.
  • Laminate Flooring: For sanding laminate flooring, orbital sanders with lower speed settings would be effective. 
  • Concrete flooring: Drum sanders fitted with diamond pads or abrasive stones are often advised while working on a concrete flooring project. 
  • Vinyl Flooring: Light sanding of vinyl floors can be accomplished with orbital or belt sanders equipped with soft sandpaper grits. However, it is advisable to check with professionals regarding the grit size. 

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