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Top Tips For Avoiding Injury Whilst Gardening


Having a garden gives pleasure to many of us, sitting out in the sunshine, seeing our plantings mature, and a lawn for children and pets to play on. Gardens don’t just happen; they need year-round attention to keep them at their best. Spring arrives, heralding one of the busiest times of the year in the garden. First on the list is to tidy after winter, feed and prune shrubs and do lawn care.

Whatever the job, you need to have the right tools and equipment in good working order. After the winter maintenance and checks need to be made so it’s a good idea to consider tool hire. With all this work to do, you must take care of yourself, spread the workload out, avoid too much kneeling and bending so you don’t end up feeling stiff.

Always remember to take extra care when using power tools!

RoSPA estimates around 300,000 injuries occur annually in the garden. You reduce the risk of injury by following a few basic tips and getting the most enjoyment out of your garden.

Tips to Avoiding Injury While Gardening

Gardens, as well as giving pleasure, can also put you at risk of injury. How to stay safe in your garden? Prepare and plan the garden activities and make sure you stay comfortable. Lots of gardening needs kneeling and/or bending, don’t be afraid to use kneeling pads and long-handled tools. Many jobs in the garden need the right tools which you may only need once or twice a year.

Why not hire your tools to reduce your costs? Gardening tool hire makes it less expensive, and you get a well-maintained tool that’s top of the range. With tool rental, you get the right tool for the job along with tool hire safety advice, and PPE where necessary. Simple tips are to wear sturdy shoes and gloves to avoid cuts and irritation from plants. Think about other protective measures like insect repellent and sun cream.

Gardening Health And Safety Tips

Remember, when working in your garden, always work within the range of your experience, particularly so with powered garden tools like hedge trimmer power saws. Tool hire has the benefit of tool hire safety advice to help you and also means that you don’t need to store your tools all year round.

Remember if you’re using power tools you should:

·       Wear a forester’s helmet that protects you from falling debris.

·       Wear goggles to protect your eyes.

·       Wear appropriate footwear.

·       Wear gloves to protect from scratches.

Having the right tool for any job always makes any task easier and doesn’t lead to possibly dangerous compromises. If you don’t have a tool that you need or an old one is not working properly, tool rental is the ideal choice as it benefits your health and safety and is less expensive than a new one.

Ladder safety is a major issue in the garden and your house. Always have a ladder that is well maintained and right for the job, don’t try and make do. Hiring your tools will ensure you have the right tools for the job at a fraction of the price of buying them.

Gardening gives enormous pleasure so let’s not spoil it with accidents. Hire It Direct always have the right tool for the job. Look after your personal safety, Use PPE when necessary, assess the risks, and work within your limits.