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Tool Hire Tips For Getting Your Home & Garden Ready For Summer


As April dawns and spring is with us, it’s time to get ready for summer. The gardens are starting to come to life, indoors is feeling brighter after the gloom of winter.

Snowdrops and Crocuses are flowering, buds appearing on early flowering shrubs, and bright yellow daffodils are blooming, all signs of the summer to come.

Now is the time to think about all the jobs inside and out, perhaps make a list so they all get done. Either big, or small, in the garden there’s plenty of work on. First job on the list is to check out your tool collection. Have you got all you need for the jobs or are you looking a bit thin on the ground?

Every job is made easy with the right tools and equipment. Well, for tools that you might only use once per year, why not go for Home Tool Hire?

Tool Hire Tips For Getting Your Home & Garden Ready For Summer

Casting your eye around the home, how about a new look in the lounge? It could be replacing the wallpaper, glossing or stripping off some old paint.  

Checking out the garden, it’s probably in need of a good mow and your hedges might be overgrown or untidy after the winter.

To get your home looking perfect and ready for guests this summer, you’ll definitely need to find the right tools to fit the bill and they can be expensive.

The problem is you may only use some machinery a couple of times a year. Buying them is a big expense for something you use so little, then you’ll need to find adequate storage space too.

To spruce up your home and garden, tool hire might be the best option.

Tool tips To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

  • There are plenty of Home Tool Hire outlets which can easily be found by an online search. These can be large national firms, small local businesses, or specialised Tool Rental firms.
  • Home decorating? Hire the right kit, such as wallpaper stripping machines and hot air paint strippers. They’re great time savers. These can often be hired from paint stores which will also give advice for using them.
  • Garden equipment is easily hired from many companies. As these are bulky and heavy, home delivery and collection is an option to look out for. Think of carrying around a petrol hedge trimmer and getting it in your car!
  •  You might fancy extending your patio to get a family size table & chairs. Good idea, laying extra flags is easy, but you’ll need to cut flagstones to fit at the ends or edges. Best done with a stone saw or circular grinder, expensive to buy, Tool Hire makes sense.
  •  The big advantage to Tool Rental is the stores will give you advice on how to use the tools. A good Tool Hire store will give safety advice, which is essential with power tools.
  •  Home Tool Hire can give you the right tool for the job. OK, scarifying your lawn, a once yearly job, Tool Rental is your best option. Before choosing a Tool Hire Company, do some research online and check customer ratings.

Why You Should Hire Tools And The Benefits of Hiring

Tool hire means that there’s no costly purchases of tools and equipment. Hiring tools will also ensure you receive well maintained, top of the range tools for a fraction of the buying price, so you’re guaranteed a better-quality job.

When you hire tools, you also have no obligation to service them or find storage space and they can be delivered at your convenience. If you’re unsure of how to use a piece of equipment, the hire company will be able to give you safety advice and even advice on your project too.

If you are looking to start your next project but are needing the tools for the job, then take a look at our range of tools for hire and get your project underway.