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How to Use a Hedge Trimmer Safely

Hedge trimmers

Hedge trimmers are an essential piece of equipment for any garden. They help keep your hedges in check and looking tidy and can also remove issues caused by overgrown greenery. However, they are heavy duty and can be dangerous if not used correctly. It’s important that you understand how to use a hedge trimmer safely before you get started. 

Safety Gear Required for Hedge Trimming

Before you begin, you should gather all the correct hedge trimmer safety gear to prevent accidents when sculpting the perfect hedge. 

Safety Glasses

It’s essential that you wear safety goggles when using a hedge trimmer. While you’re trimming your hedges, dust and twigs will fly off in different directions and could get into your eyes if you trim without protection. 

Trimmed Hedge

Hearing Protection

Hedge trimmers are loud and the constant noise at such a close proximity could cause hearing damage, especially if you’re trimming for longer periods of time. Ear protection which covers the whole ear is necessary to muffle to sound and preserve your hearing. 


The hedge trimmer is likely to vibrate while in use. This can put a lot of strain on your hands if you’re using it for a long period of time. The falling debris from the hedge could also be a danger to your hands as sharp twigs and thorns could get stuck in your hands. 

Heavy duty gloves are an essential piece of safety equipment before you get stuck into hedge trimming. 

Closed-toe Shoes

This falling debris is also a danger to your feet, so it’s a good idea to wear closed-toed shoes, even in the hot weather. 

If you have any steel-capped boots, these would be an even better choice to mitigate the risk of injury if you happen to drop the trimmer or any heavier branches. 

Safe Hedge Trimmer Operating Procedures

Before you get started, it’s also important to familiarise yourself with these hedge trimmer tips and safety procedures.

  • Always keep the trimmer in front of your body. Never let it drop to the side or place it on the floor whilst in use. The vibrations can move the trimmer closer to you without you realising the danger. 
  • Never point the trimmer at yourself or anyone else around you. 
  • Make sure there’s no one around when you begin trimming. You should check the other side of the hedge as well as the side that you’re on. Also remove any pets or animals from the area, as they may get a little too close to satisfy their curiosity. 
  • Don’t overreach. Make sure you have ladders that will allow you to adequately reach each area of the hedge and gradually move them throughout the process, rather than stretching. As the hedge trimmer is heavy, you may be in danger of dropping it if you stretch too far. 
  • Use a slow and steady technique. Cutting quickly could be dangerous and also mean that the finish is poor. 
  • Don’t force the trimmer through particularly large branches. You may need to use more heavy duty tools if the trimmer doesn’t cut through easily. 
  • Always inspect the hedge trimmer before you use it. Keeping up with your hedge trimmer maintenance is an important part of hedge trimming. You should inspect the trimmer before turning it on, make sure there are no unusual marks, that it hasn’t suffered any water damage and that the blade is sharp enough to complete the job.  

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