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Decking Tools: What Do You Need for Making Outdoor Decking

Decking tools

Summer is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor area to give you and your guests an attractive space to relax. Decking is a great way to make your entertainment space a little bigger and make more use of the nice weather. If you’re considering building a deck in your garden, you will require specific decking tools designed to create the perfect, professional-looking finish. 

Safety Equipment

At the top of your decking tools list, you should have the appropriate safety equipment. You will need to use power tools to produce the best finish and they can be dangerous if you don’t take the correct precautions. 

  • You should wear goggles or safety glasses when sawing wood to prevent sawdust from getting in your eyes. 
  • It’s also recommended that you wear gloves to ensure a secure grip on your tools. 
  • Wear a dust mask when cutting wood to prevent you from breathing in the dust.
  • Grab some ear protection when you’re using a loud power tool to avoid damage to your hearing. 

Decking Tools for Measuring

Measuring decking isn’t as simple as using a ruler. You will need to measure large pieces of wood and sometimes long distances and around corners. It’s important that you have a measuring tape, masonry string, and masking tape on hand, as well as a pencil for marking to ensure you have everything down as accurately as possible. 

Decking tools (drill)

Spirit Level

You don’t want your decking to be uneven, so one of the most important decking tools is a spirit level. This helps you to get every single beam in place and level with the one next to it. It will make your decking look amazing and prevent any potential trip hazards later. 

Saws (Circular and Jigsaw)

Whether you’re using wood or composite materials, you’ll need something that will cut through your planks cleanly to present the best finish. A hand saw isn’t going to cut it. A circular saw is powerful enough to cut through any material and leave a clean finish with little effort. 

To create professional-looking corners a jigsaw is your best bet. The saw can cut out corners perfectly without complex angles and excess measuring. It’ll also be much faster and less tiring than using a small hand saw yourself.

If you’re not confident with decking tools like this, then it’s advisable to speak to the professionals for support. Hire It Direct can talk you through how to use each tool correctly to provide a high-quality finish safely. 

Decking Tools for Finishing the Job

When your decking has started to take shape, you will need a sander or some industrial sandpaper to remove any rough edges or splinters. A high-quality stain finish should also be used to make your hard work shine and protect it from the elements. 

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