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How To Use A Circular Saw

Man using a circular saw

Circular saws are a popular tool for DIY for making large cuts effortlessly. They are a great tool for making overhead cuts in construction because they don’t require a repeated sawing motion, which can be difficult and tiring if you’re trying to cut above your head. Circular saws have a fast-moving circular blade attached to a base. This allows you to cut through wood, metal or other materials accurately and in a straight line by connecting the base with the material that you want to cut. Knowing how to use a circular saw is essential for your safety and to ensure a good job.

Circular saws are pretty easy to use once you know how. However, they are very sharp, and the blade moves quickly, so it’s very important to understand the safety techniques and equipment in full before you begin to use one.

Ensure Circular Saw Safety

Using a circular saw is dangerous, just like any other DIY device, so it’s important to run through the instructions before you begin to use it. Saw hire is a great option if you only plan to use the saw for a single project. It’s cheaper to hire a saw than buy one outright and the experts at the hire company will be able to talk you through the safety equipment and guidance before you begin. 

Hire It Direct are an excellent company with expert staff who will help guide you through your project, help you understand how to use the saw correctly and will be on hand for any questions that you have.

Close up of a circular saw cutting

Set The Blade Depth

When you’ve learned how to use a circular saw, you’re ready to get started. The first thing you need to do is set the blade depth to make sure the wood cuts properly. This means unplugging the saw and placing it at the side of your wood so you can see how deep the blade will cut.

Try not to set the blade too deep into the wood as more of the blade will appear underneath, leaving it exposed to cut you if you’re not careful. Once you’re happy, loosen the depth-adjusting lever and move the saw so that the blade only shows ¼ of an inch below.

Place Your Wood In A Safe Secure Place

When you’re cutting, it’s a good idea to start outside and away from anything you might accidentally cut. You need a stable and flat surface that won’t move during cutting. Hang the wood off the end of your surface so that you don’t cut into anything underneath.

Mark And Measure Your Wood

Always mark out your wood before you begin. Once you’ve used your saw, you can’t backtrack if it goes wrong. So, make sure you plan everything with a pencil and ruler.

Start Your Saw And Begin Cutting

Once you’ve got to grips with how to use a circular saw, you’re ready to begin cutting. When you begin, support the wood with one hand – away from the blade and gently push away from you at right angles. Don’t push too hard, as this may damage the wood. Allow the blade to do its job.

Make sure you set up in a position where the end of the wood that you want to remove is able to just fall away.

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