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Why Your Work Space Needs An Industrial Heater?

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Keep Your Office Warm This Winter

Every year, the cold and dry months of winter pose a multitude of challenges to workplaces and the workers who have to brave the freezing temperatures for extended periods. For this reason, business owners have to go out of the way to ensure that every worker is comfortable. 

One of the things that can be done to enhance such comfort is to use a powerful heating system so that the workers are able to work in a cold environment. Commercial heating and ventilation systems can be used in office buildings, as well as industrial factories and warehouses. 

Types of commercial heating 

There are several types of industrial heating systems available for large-scale industrial projects. The most common include the following:

1. Warm air or forced draft commercial heating systems

This is known to be one of the most cost-effective techniques for heating large industrial spaces. It involves heating air using a heat exchanger or boiler and then circulating it throughout a defined space using special vents. The heat is considerably easy to control since it’s circulated instantly. This heating technique produces drier heat that is effective in removing moisture from the air. 

2. Large open space heating

Huge spaces such as factories, museums, exhibition halls, and others that have a lot of air can be quite challenging to warm. These usually require specially designed heating systems which can include Powermatic space heating equipment. 

3. Wet-heating commercial systems

There are some spaces that would not be fine with warm air heating. This is the case with buildings that have huge open spaces with little insulation and high ceilings. The most appropriate heating systems to use in such a case are wet-heating systems as they would not only be economical but also effective. Wet-heating systems are quite similar to residential heating systems, as they involve heating water using a boiler and using a radiator system to distribute heat. 

4. Under-floor heating

This is an increasingly common way of heating rooms or large spaces. It’s a preferable heating method as it enhances even heat distribution to each part of the building. This method works by distributing heat through water which is fed to under-floor pipes distributed evenly throughout a working space. 

What are the benefits of commercial heating?

There are quite a number of benefits associated with using commercial heating systems to ensure that working spaces are warm enough. The main benefits are as follows:

1. Increased safety 

Cold-related injuries can be a serious bother during winter. You can, however, ensure increased safety of the workers by heating working spaces. This is highly recommended for companies that have huge open working spaces, as these get colder compared to smaller spaces. 

2. Increased productivity

Typically, anyone who’s working in a harsh environment will be less productive in the long run. This is mostly as a result of being distracted by the feeling of discomfort. Having a reliable source of heat at a workplace enhances comfort, which in turn increases productivity. 

3. Improved health

Most people get sick during the cold months of winter. One of the main reasons for this is not staying warm. When one is not ailing, it’s almost obvious that they will want to get sick leaves. The effect of frequent sick leaves is that overall productivity is affected. Using heating systems to keep workspaces warm can help to combat this issue to ensure reliable productivity at work. 

4. Increased profits

You may think that heating a workplace is a liability because of the energy bills, but this is quite far from the truth. Keeping a workplace warm means that there will be less absenteeism, as well as increased productivity, all of which contribute to increased profits. 

In summary, 

Keeping workplaces warm during the harsh winter months can be a huge plus for any business. Besides, it’s a good way to keep your workers motivated and feeling loved. Just be sure to do some research before buying any products or hiring professionals to install a heating system for your business. 

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