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A Guide to Floor Sanding Edgers

floor sanding edger

A DIY renovation of a room, either in your business space or home, is an exciting yet stressful project. To avoid the headache of doing a task wrong the first time, understanding how to use tools and complete jobs right is the ideal scenario.

When sanding the edges and baseboards of any floors or walls, you need to specifically use a floor sanding edger. For the rest of the project, sanding the rest of the floor, you will use a regular disk sander.

Floor Sander Edger Guide 

How to Use a Floor Sanding Edger

Although there aren’t a lot of steps, you need to take care to use one of these tools, or otherwise risk injury or ruining the floors of your project room.

floor sanding edgers

1.       Start by putting on your safety equipment and plugging in the sander.

2.     Then you are going to make sure to firmly place your feet on the floor and firmly grip the edger, lifting the tool off the floor.

3.       Supporting the tool with one hand, use your other hand to turn the piece of equipment on.

4.       Once your tool has had a chance to increase to its proper speed, lower the tool to the floor while holding it firmly.

5.       Keep the sander moving, making contact with the floor, and move it gently against the edges of the wall and baseboard. Make sure you keep the disk moving, otherwise you risk making grooves on the floor.

6.       Now you’re done using your floor sanding edger. However, you still need to get into the corners. While you can try to get as close to the corners as possible, most of these sanders aren’t going to allow you to get any closer than a ¼ of an inch away from the corner. To finish up this project, you’re going to need to grab a handheld sanding tool and get to those corners yourself.


There are dozens of different reasons why you may want to sand down a floor, including the edges. However, you don’t need to consider hiring a floor sander to get the job done. Now that you know how to sand your own floor edges, you can turn the job into a top-notch DIY task.

To be able to take on the task yourself, you need the best tools available. Instead of purchasing a floor sanding edger outright, why not hire a high-quality option? This will save you money long-term as you don’t have to pay for something you’re going to use infrequently.

Once you understand the project you want to complete, contact a DIY tool hire company. They can help you find the right tools you need for the job.

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