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Top 5 gardening jobs to do in winter

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Winter is a rather cold season and there isn’t as much you can get on with doing, especially in your garden if you love spending time outside. However, there are some jobs that are best reserved for this season. Some make your garden neat; others prepare your garden for the following season while others still are daily activities that must be done. But do you really know these specific jobs that you are at liberty or must-do during winter? In this discussion, we are highlighting the 5 top gardening jobs that you need to do this winter, if you don’t have all the tools then why not hire them from Hire It to ensure your garden is looked after this winter.

1. Clearing the garden
During winter, you can clear your garden, either with other family members or yourself. It is entirely your choice. This helps in warming you up as your body is involved in the activity. There a lot of fallen twigs, barks and sticks that you can remove by the use of a rake. You can then add them to your composed or use them as mulch. However, the sticks are useful for lighting indoor fires to help you fight the cold. They can also be used for plant support or for a barbeque for the family. You can also clear the lawn to allow the grass to show their leaves.

2. Pruning
At winter, most of the plants are coming to the end of their flowering or are dormant. As such, this is the best time to prune them. Pruning them will give way for new growth, remove flowers that are old or remove dead woody parts. Summer shrubs are also best pruned during this season. For older plants, you can deal with the issue of overcrowding, hence, opening up the plant. Roses are also best pruned at this time to enable them to open up. Ground-covering grasses are can also be trimmed at this time of the year.

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3. Aerating the Lawn
The extended periods of drought can make the soil in your lawn quite compact. Winter is, therefore, the best period to hire the right tools and aerate it. This helps in rejuvenating the lawn in preparation for spring. The activities that you can do include:

• Aerate by use of a rake or a hired power aerator
• Carry out topdressing by applying a layer of loam or coarse sand
• For difficult soils, a soil-wetting agent
• You can also fertilize in anticipation of winter

4. Digging the vegetable garden and planting new crops
Tasty fresh vegetables can be planted during the winter in a home garden. But first, there is the act of digging up the garden. You can dig the garden in preparation for the coming spring. It’s also a great time to deal with the invasive plants and weeds. The veggies you can grow at this time include English spinach, snow peas or a number of the mini-veggies.

5. Plant potted annuals
The potted annuals can significantly add colour to your garden. To get the instant show, you can pick the already flowering polyanthus or pansies. Apply a liquid plant food after every ten days. Watering should also be done regularly.
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If you were wondering what garden jobs are available for you to do during winter then these are the top five that you can do. If you lack a tool of your own, you can go ahead and use hired tools to do them.