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Spring is Here! Time to Get in the Garden!

a plant in a brown pot, green watering can and some other gardening tools sitting on a wooden bench

With the weather warming up nicely and the sunshine starting to shine a light on our gardens again, it’s time to get the garden ready for spring. The garden is a place to share good times with family and friends. It’s a place to relax, to eat, to drink and to work on our tans.

Hiring a Service can be Easier and Cheaper 

A good looking garden is a thing of beauty, but it doesn’t happen by magic. It takes some planning, a lot of hard work, and the right tools. Being able to find the right tools for the right job can be an expensive project, but you don’t have to buy them. Hiring is a much easier, much cheaper, and much more attractive option if you’re looking to give your garden the make-over it needs.

Essential Gardening Equipment 

If you’re unsure about which tools you’re going to need this spring, allow us to take you through some of the essential pieces of gardening equipment that will make the task so much easier and get your garden looking great in no time.

Gardening and landscaping tools are incredibly varied. They range in prices from the very affordable to the slightly more expensive. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. The joy of hiring the tools you need instead of buying them is that you’re guaranteed to get robust equipment that is going to be more than capable of your task, without the additional cost.

Depending on the current state of your garden, you’ll know the amount of work involved, but a great place to start is clearing the debris that’s built up, starting with a lawnmower. Grass doesn’t grow that much in the winter months, but to get on top of your garden’s lawn care and to make an instant impression, cutting it will be required. If it’s a simple cut or you need to go as far as rotavating the soil, there are tools you can hire to tackle every job. Everything from a lawn aerator, a scarifier, and lawnmowers are available to make sure your lawn looks it’s very best.

Another great way to make a huge impact in a minimum of time is by tackling your hedges and the trees that usually surround the garden. Hedge trimmers, pruners, and loppers can all be used to keep your hedges at bay.

If you have a tree, an aggressive shrub or some quick-growing conifers, you can even start to tame them with a chainsaw. If they are too high to reach safely, then some long-range pruners or long-handled hedge trimmers are all available to cut them down to size without straining your back or putting yourself in danger.

With all the work you put into getting your garden looking good, you’re going to accumulate some garden waste and debris. Branches you’ve lopped off, excess leaves you’ve pruned and twigs you’ve snipped all have to go somewhere. Rather than bagging them all up, you can also hire a portable chipper or shredder to turn that waste into mulch.

This is not only a great way to recycle your garden waste, but it can be used to further beautify your garden. You can use the mulch as cover for flower beds, create paths from it or just add it to the compost pile. It’s the circle of life on a small scale.

If you want to enjoy your garden on those warm summer nights, spring days in the garden are essential. Hiring all the tools you need in one place over a weekend (or two) means that you can tackle it in one go, save money, and be sure that your outdoor spaces are going to look incredible when you want to use them.

We hope that our blog has been helpful and explained why tool hire is the way forward. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 020 8427 6604 or head over to our contact page to fill in our online enquiry form.