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Industrial Drum Fans: A Complete Guide

Industrial drum fans

An industrial drum fan is a large fan in the shape of a drum. These fans are usually used as extra ventilation in large, heated areas. For example, a film studio or gym, where the enclosed space and heat from machines and lighting can make the area unbearable without the helping hand of a cooling fan. 

What is an Industrial Drum Fan?

Industrial drum fans are incredibly powerful in comparison to traditional fans. This makes them perfect for cooling down large areas, such as factories but also helping to remove fumes from an area, blow away dust from workshops or dry out wet spaces after floods, or deep cleaning. 

Due to their size, they can even be used in barns and other areas holding animals or livestock to keep them cool in the summer. 

Their size and power make them the ideal piece of equipment to use in larger areas. They can provide a cooling effect in a few minutes, whereas typical office or home-sized fans wouldn’t really make much of an impact. 

However, they aren’t the best option to use at close range. They can create damage in a small office environment and could make you a little too cold in an enclosed space. 

What Are the Different Types of Industrial Drum Fan?

There are various different types of industrial drum fans which vary in size, fan speeds, and also noise. Drum fans are typically very loud and take up a lot of space, so it’s important to select the right type for you. 

Some of the fans available to you are:

  • Orbital drum fans
  • Belt-drive drum fans
  • Outdoor drum fans
  • Filtered drum fans
  • Multi-speed drum fans
  • And fixed-speed drum fans

How does a Drum Fan Work?

The blades on a drum fan are large enough and fast enough to move a lot of air quickly. The motor powers the fan blades using electricity – so you will need access to a reliable power source. They will normally operate using 230v or 110v depending on the type and size of the fan. So you will need dual voltage electricity access. 

The drum shape is designed specifically to create a column of air that is propelled directly forwards, creating a powerful wind tunnel. This helps to cool the area faster, as no air is lost in other directions as it would be with smaller fan types.   

Some fans also provide multi-speed functionality. This means you can speed up the blades to cool the air faster or slow them down to keep a continuous breeze depending on the type of room or work that you’re doing.

Industrial Drum Fan Hire with Hire It 

Here at Hire It, we provide high-quality industrial tool hire Harrow. Our expert team will discuss your project and find the best fan for your needs. Hiring a fan is a great option as it reduces your storage responsibilities and costs and will provide the most modern, hi-tech equipment at a reasonable price. 

We offer various industrial drum fans for hire based on your needs, including the 24” for smaller, enclosed spaces and the 30” for more powerful reach. 
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