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Hiring vs Buying a Ladder

You could hire a ladder or you could buy one. Sometimes people prefer the idea of purchasing an item and not look into renting it out instead. But sometimes, when considering the benefits of hiring, this can be a bit of a mistake. Before you set about buying a ladder consider a few ways in which hiring is the better option.

Hire the Type of Ladder You Require

One of the good things about ladder hire is that you can choose a ladder to suit your needs. For example, you could hire steps or take out triple ladder hire. Or maybe you require a 10m ladder hire service. All of these are available, with Hire It offering easy access to the option of your choice.

There are some clear benefits to hiring out a ladder as opposed to buying one. When you’re looking for the best service, weigh up the pros and cons of what each company is offering to arrive at a hire option that suits you, as the charges from company to company will vary. Here are a couple of key benefits of ladder hire:


If you purchase a ladder you have to find a place where you can safely store it, and not everybody has free space in their garage or garden. And not everyone wants a ladder on show in the garden even if they do have space. Many households may already have a ladder or two but now need to look at obtaining another due to the particular needs of a job, but are stuck for space thanks to their existing ones. Hiring means you can use it then give it back!

Save Money

You can save money by hiring a ladder. Ladders can be surprisingly expensive (especially the specialist options) and you may end up paying through the nose if you buy one outright! Smaller instalments for each time you use it may be the way to go, especially if you do not plan on using it many times.

Another thing to watch out for is hidden costs. Sometimes it’s not only the overall cost of the ladder that needs to be paid but maintenance costs and insurance too. As you do not need to pay this when hiring a ladder, things can often work out cheaper that way. As mentioned earlier, you have to consider where to store something long term if you purchase it, and if you do not have space at your own property that could mean an extra cost paying for extra storage capacities such as a self-storage unit.

If you do choose to hire a ladder you will find a good selection of flexible options. Remember to look at hiring options for the type of ladder you need for your job, as costs will vary depending on the ladder. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with finding the perfect ladder for you, get in touch today. You can give our friendly team a call on 020842 76604 or head over to our contact page where you can submit an enquiry.