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Essential Gardening Equipment for Summer

essential garden tools for planting flowers

Having a passion for gardening is good not only for you but also for the environment. Growing different kinds of plants and flowers help to encourage insects and birds into your garden. For this purpose, you need a few gardening tools that help you sow and take care of the plants in your backyard. Some types of equipment are essential for yourself, as you may get harmed by some toxic herbages. So let us introduce you with them. 

Essential Gardening Tools for Summer

1. Gloves

Gloves are an important part of gardening. They keep you from touching the unwanted herbages which can cause allergy and itching. Don’t use woolen gloves, nylon and leather gloves work the best as they don’t let the liquid pass. Too tight gloves can cause your hand’s sweat and too loose may not resist the water. So, they should fit according to your hands’ size. Always place them in dry conditions and away from insects. 

2. Hand Trowel

This is the perfect tool for seeding and transplanting the herbs and bedding plants. Its wide edge should be sharp but not as sharp as a knife. Its wooden handle should fit in your hand so you may use it properly. You can use it in digging the land to bury the seeds. 

3. Spade

A spade is used for bigger plants. Its handle should be thick enough to give you a nice grip and long enough so you may be able to use it easily while standing. Its edges should also be sharp like hand trowel. You can dig a lot deeper and wider with a spade. Don’t use it if the joint between the metal and wooden parts is loose as it can hurt your hand badly.


Flowers planting in the garden


4. Garden Fork

A garden fork is used to turn the softened soil to level the surface to cause equal water distribution. Sometimes it is also used to make boundaries to keep the water stored. It consists of a few metal rods intimated by weldings and a wooden handle. In the autumn, you can drive it slowly above your lawn’s grass to gather the broken leaves. 

5. Lawn Scarifier

A scarifier is used to cut the grass short and give it an aesthetic look. It has sharp blades underneath, connected with its wheels. When you handle the scarifier and start walking, the blades rotate and cut the extra-long grass which is thrown into a box attached. You can empty the box once you are done. It’s a handy tool to have in your garden.

6. A Land mower

This tool is similar to the scarifier. In fact, you can call it the updated version of a scarifier. It generally is driven with the help of an engine or electric motor. It levels the grass with accuracy and gives your lawn a pleasant look.

7. Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmer is used to cut out the extra branches of plant fence on the edges of the garden. It runs on petrol or electricity and can cut big trees and wood also. Be careful while using it because the blades are very close to your body and a little mistake can cause big damage.

In addition to these, there are many more tools and equipment, used for gardening in the summer. The beauty of the garden comes from its beautiful plants and flowers. But, there are a lot of tools and hard work involved. By using the right gardening equipment it could make the gardening tasks a lot easier.


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