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Cleaning Outdoor Furniture Quickly And Efficiently

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As the weather heats up, you’re going to want to drag out that old garden furniture from the shed or garage and prepare your outdoor entertaining area. Unfortunately, because you’ve probably had the furniture locked up in storage for half the year, it will most likely be covered in dust, dirt, and cobwebs. The solution is to give your furniture a thorough clean before you use it to ensure it looks brand-new and is safe to sit on.

Depending on what materials your furniture is made from – wood, plastic, or fabric – you will need to spend a day scrubbing the surfaces and using different products to get everything looking perfect. However, using a pressure washer instead can solve all your problems in one go.

The Advantages Of A Pressure Washer

●   Works across all materials

Using a pressure washer means that you can perfectly clean your wooden benches, plastic or metal seating, and even water-resistant fabrics. You can change the settings for each type of material and the heat and pressure will blast off any dirt almost instantly. You can even use the pressure washer to clean off your patio or decking too. Because of the pressure, the water easily washes away any grime and quickly dries so there’s no danger of further mildew building up.

●   Much more efficient than other methods

Cleaning a single chair with soap and water by hand could take anything up to half an hour to get it looking its best again. If you happen to have 6 chairs and a table, it’s probably going to be a full-day job.

Pressure washers can do the job to the same standard in much less time, so you’ll have saved yourself a ton of time.

●   Removes mould and mildew

Cleaning your outdoor furniture by hand may mean that surface water develops and if it doesn’t dry correctly, it can increase a build-up of mildew.

However, a pressure washer is specifically designed to have the water bounce off the furniture, removing the dirt as it goes. This means that the surface water is kept to a minimum and your furniture will dry faster, which removes the possibility of further mildew build-up and maintains a clean, high-quality look for longer.

●   Easy to use

Pressure washers are easy to use and are much less strenuous than cleaning by hand. There’s no need for intense scrubbing, the water from a pressure washer can reach everywhere, so there are no missed patches.

●   Maintains the material’s integrity

If you happen to have wooden outdoor furniture, intense scrubbing could cause the wood to become damp, expand, or splinter. This will damage the furniture beyond repair, meaning you’ll have to shell out for a brand-new outdoor furniture set. However, pressure washing removes the need to scrub the wood, maintaining its look for longer.

Hiring A Pressure Washer

So, you’re sold on the pressure washer idea, but perhaps you’re not quite ready to spend all that money on one, hiring a pressure washer could be the ideal solution for you.

Let’s face it, you’re probably only going to want to use your pressure washer 2-3 times a year to clean off your outdoor furniture. A pressure washer can be quite expensive for a piece of equipment that you aren’t going to use all the time.

Hiring a pressure washer is a fraction of the cost and it means that you don’t have to store it all year round either. The hire company will drop off the washer when you need it and pick it up when you’re done – so there’s no hassle.

If you’re looking for an easy, time-saving, and budget-friendly solution to give you sparkling outdoor furniture, then hire a pressure washer with Hire-It today, simply contact us or call at 02084 276604.